mix and match 2

Met Museum
1825 or 1825ish style pelisses - a very distinctive outline shape. The high puff sleeve with the incredible detailing is more relaxed with the fullness still extending the shoulder outwards but the sleeve is fitted from the elbow to wrist.
The waist is lower and the skirt fits to it, quite flat at front and with exaggerated gathering at the centre back.
These three pelisse could almost have been made from the same pattern. Decorative details, such as fastenings and collar shape, vary but without compromising that silhouette.
The fashion plate is of a 'promenade dress'  with very fancy back detail. The slim waist is exaggerated as is the fall of the skirt. The skirt is keeping its shape in movement rather than clinging. The over all impression is very precise and neat, the shapes are clean. The hat, which is included in detail in the description, is very much the crowning glory and ornate.
Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashion, Manufactures &c.1825 p60.
PELISSE of lilac gros de Naples; the collar stiffened, and turned half over; the corsage is made full longitudinally, and confined by a band and row of lilac silk buttons down the centre of the front and back; the shoulders also have a band, but without buttons. The sleeves are en gigot, neatly finished with bands at the wrist: the ceinture is rather broad, and ornamented behind by 2 silk frogs of the same colour as the pelisse; a rouleau of the same breadth as the hem, and separated by a space of equal width, surrounds the bottom of the skirt, which is long and full. Cornette of tulle, with a narrow full border. Bonnet of British Leghorn, very fine and light: the brim broad and open; the crown rather low, and trimmed with double white crepe lisse edged with blue satin, beginning at the bottom of the crown in front, and rising across to the top at the back, where it is formed into a tasteful bow. Brussels lace veil. Straw colour shoes and gloves; green parasol, lined with pale rose-colour sarsnet."

The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, Manufactures, &c. P305 November 1825



Pelisse of Pomona-green gros de Naples, open in front, and lined with pale pink sarsnet: plain collar, sloped off from the front, stiffened, and half turned, so as to display the pink lining and the neat embroidered frill round the throat: the corsage full, and of such a length as to shew an elegant shape to advantage: the sleeve large, and confined above the wrist by a band and small oval buckle, and, secondly, by a broad gold bracelet: straight cuff, slit as far as the wrist: corded band round the waist, fastened by a gold buckle on the right side...”

Have to wonder about the parasol in November. The description continues to include the dress and accessories. The pink and green combination must have been striking and it seems to be the centre piece of the outfit. While it follows the same template as the others it does make them seem cautious in the colour choice.

 Must find out about gros de Naples - what made it the fabric of choice in the Repository while the others  favour silk.

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